Bakery Opportunity


"Ethan" the Ethereum Trading Bot. 9X Gains Per Year


Pet treat manufacture selling to retailers seeking capital to increase manufacturing capacity.


You have found the perfect investment if..


Mobile Application for Planning Events


Own part of a Natural Gas station in Burnaby BC


Financing for Warrant purchasing of pre IPO USA Tech startup.


Profitable Adventure Park Operator Requires Capital To Add More Locations


Lake Muskoka Marina - investment with lots of growth potential!


Franchise Opportunity


Canadian Cannabis Microgrower


Magnaboard Product Launch


Commodity export-import trading company ( frozen meat, seafood, dairy )


Residential New Home Construction


Aumi Light


Cedars Taphouse & Grill


Multipurpose event venue catering specifically to PC and console gaming enthusiasts.


Apartment Development - High Cap rate


Automated Drive Thru Intelligent Assistant - via Artificial Intelligence


Restaurant Franchising Opportunity


Marina US, NC Yacht, Fish and Hunting Sports Center with year around activity


Cannabis Production Facility


BOAA - Blockchain powered video game


Silent Opportunity: $4.5MM for 20% of a Profitable Business Supporting Hydroponics




Make money 24/7 worldwide with WWW.BOOST.CLOTHING


"Shoot" Group Picture and Video Sharing App


Saskatchewan Grain Farm purchase, 21,000 acres


Let's Make Money Together!


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Cannabis Production Investment Opportunity


The Way We Hire is Horrible. WRKS fixes that, with your help.




FinTech in Calgary!


Muskoka Bay Resort Pre-construction Condo


The Intersection of Retail and Media


High Park Brewery ("HPB")


Evotrux - Connecting Shippers to Carriers


Asset Backed Financing for Generators - Convertible Option



Canadian Investment Network

Entrepreneurs - How It Works

We have created a database of investors who are regular investors in Canadian businesses. Our site gives you access to thousands of potential investors in Canada, the US, and around the globe. We charge no commission and our rates are low, so the cost to you of finding investment can be as little as $149.

We offer a fast and easy process to get your business proposal in front of investors:

Step 1: Register as an Entrepreneur

The first step in reaching investors through Canadian Investment Network is to register. This involves answering a few questions about yourself in our one page registration form. It is free to register and the process only takes a few minutes. What are you waiting for? Register here.

Step 2: Create A Proposal

Once you have registered, you can then login and create an investment proposal. We don't ask you for a detailed business plan, only that you answer questions that investors need to know in order to do initial due diligence on your idea and your business. When you are ready to activate your proposal, a staff member will do a final review prior to releasing the proposal to investors.

Step 3: Find Matching Investors

Once your proposal is approved, our system will cross reference your proposal information with investor preferences to determine which investors should be notified about your proposal.

Step 4: Make Contact

Once your proposal is distributed to investors, you will be notified if an investor is interested in your proposal. Please be aware that we are a match-making service only. We receive no commissions so our rates for helping you find investors can remain low. Our system gives you access to contact information of interested investors, however, we do not become involved in due diligence, negotiations, or deal structuring between you and any interested investors.

Payment Options

Option 1 Submit your investment proposal for free using our Basic Services package. When our online matching service finds an angel investor interested in your opportunity, you can then contact the investor by upgrading to our Referral Services or Premium Services packages. Your proposal remains active for 180 days and all investor contacts are included in the price of the upgrade packages, no matter how many of them there are. Please Note: If you submit your investment proposal for free, it must be 100% anonymous.

Option 2 Alternatively you can pay an upfront fee for one of our two higher grade packages (Referral Services, Premium Services) and take advantage of our enhanced services. This will increase your chances of finding investment by allowing you easier and faster access to interested investors and the use of the many premium services discussed on our rates page.

Canadian Investors

Canada > Alberta

I am small business owner in the I/T Consulting industry, with most of my work primarily focused on the Public Sector. I have been able to do well for myself financially over the last couple of years, but am looking to diversify my assets and opportunities through investing in bright and hard working businesses.

$0 to $50,000

Canada > Alberta

23, single, live in southern Alberta. Certified power engineer, currently working and interested in investment opportunities. Very experienced in stock market investing. Have large interest in oil/gas companies, electric utilities. Started, operated and sold 2 successful companies. Interested in all levels of involvement, but prefer a silent or advisory role. Individual investor.

$5,000 to $1,000,000

Canada > Ontario

I am an entrepreneur with an MBA and BComm. I have 18 years experience in working with large and small companies. Early in my career I was in middle management of large Fortune 500 companies. In the past 10 years my focus have been working in companies with 10- 100 employees. Most recently I invested personal funds in an existing operating company in the fast food technology space. Since joining the company as a senior officer and investing in the company 5 years ago the company has increased sales by more than 50% and my investment has grown by 25 times in value. I am looking to take some of these funds and invest them in existing operating companies with a proven track record of success. I am looking for companies that have shown sales growth and are either breakeven or are earning a profit. I am also looking for companies that are growing and have a niche product/service offering. There must be a compelling reason for why your offering is better than competitors.

$25,000 to $1,000,000

Canada > Ontario

I have education in business marketing. I've grown several businesses by 10-40%. I have a strong sales background.

$500 to $20,000

Canada > Ontario

I'm a 29 year old Master Electrician living in the GTA. I'm looking to invest upwards of $30k as a silent partner.

$1 to $30,000

Canada > Ontario

I am a carpenter in the film industry. I am mostly interested in investing into real estate ( pre construction, or regular) but I am open minded to anything.

$1 to $50,000

Canada > Ontario

I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and I am currently running a small publishing business.

$100,000 to $500,000

Canada > Ontario

Overview/Education - 48 year old, married, based in London, Ontario. -Bachelors and Masters degree in Medicine. -Individual investor with first-hand exposure to business climates across 3 continents. Experience in business -Currently own Fresh produce supply company in London ,ON (B to B & B to C) -Invested in a small manufacturing business based in Mississauga, Ontario. -Invested $250,000 into a successful real estate and construction business in India. -Invested $200,000 in the health care industry (hospital) in India. Will prefer being a silent partner despite having a sound business acumen. Ready to provide expertise through an advisory role.

$10,000 to $150,000