Cannabis Production Facility


Evotrux - B2B Freight Marketplace - $1M Seed Round


Multimodal Logistics and Transport solutions for the first and last mile and every mile in between


Designated Driver App


Seed Round for Alchohol Delivery App


T3 ENDEAVOR CANADA (British Columbia)


Blockchain enabled accounting platform


LP Opportunity - Phase 1 Resort Development - 67.5% ROI, Monthly Dist.


$500,000 - $20,000,000


Bridge the Indigenous Digital Divide with Sequorum's 1 Gbps Internet. 10% annual dividends. 605% ROI


Funding for real estate


Bison, the perfect alternative


Big Calm Tiny Homesteads


Camper Van Conversion with ACP & Marine Plastic Interior/ Soap friendly recirculating shower


Equity Investment Opportunity in Electronic Health Record and Telehealth Platform


15% ROI bi-annually return on $500K – Silent Investor – Expanding International Wireless Business –


DreamPlay - A live streaming platform for gamers. See deck, video, and website


Business Partner Wanted


UtopiaVR - Investment Opportunity


Ontario Pet and Equine Cremation services


Hemp-infused, Alcohol-Free Sparkling Cocktails


CO2 recycling service


Written guarantee 100% ROI within 12 months on Done-For-You Ecommerce store


Hart & Caron Property Management Researching partnership


The most unexpected way to avoid being caught cheating.


Clear Choice Building Maintaince


Social Media App Growth Funding


Innovative Existing Product


Need money for my invention


Share Sale


LoveBud Essentials Online Store


Invest in Lindsay, Ontario Development Project


Purple Puffers


Newly Acquired business looking for short term operating loan. Up to 18% APR.


Medical-Clinic Rollup Equity Investment - Plans to exit via IPO or Strategic Buyer by 2027


Investors sought for Private Equity roll up strategies


Vegan Sustainable Milk


E-Commerce Growth


Growth equity


Brick & Mortar bathroom store. Over 15 years of sales experience and knowledge in the bath industry.



Canadian Investment Network

Entrepreneurs - How It Works

We have created a database of investors who are regular investors in Canadian businesses. Our site gives you access to thousands of potential investors in Canada, the US, and around the globe. We charge no commission and our rates are low, so the cost to you of finding investment can be as little as $149.

We offer a fast and easy process to get your business proposal in front of investors:

Step 1: Register as an Entrepreneur

The first step in reaching investors through Canadian Investment Network is to register. This involves answering a few questions about yourself in our one page registration form. It is free to register and the process only takes a few minutes. What are you waiting for? Register here.

Step 2: Create A Proposal

Once you have registered, you can then login and create an investment proposal. We don't ask you for a detailed business plan, only that you answer questions that investors need to know in order to do initial due diligence on your idea and your business. When you are ready to activate your proposal, a staff member will do a final review prior to releasing the proposal to investors.

Step 3: Find Matching Investors

Once your proposal is approved, our system will cross reference your proposal information with investor preferences to determine which investors should be notified about your proposal.

Step 4: Make Contact

Once your proposal is distributed to investors, you will be notified if an investor is interested in your proposal. Please be aware that we are a match-making service only. We receive no commissions so our rates for helping you find investors can remain low. Our system gives you access to contact information of interested investors, however, we do not become involved in due diligence, negotiations, or deal structuring between you and any interested investors.

Payment Options

Option 1 Submit your investment proposal for free using our Basic Services package. When our online matching service finds an investor interested in your opportunity, you can then contact the investor by upgrading to our Referral Services or Premium Services packages. Your proposal remains active for 180 days and all investor contacts are included in the price of the upgrade packages, no matter how many of them there are. Please Note: If you submit your investment proposal for free, it must be 100% anonymous.

Option 2 Alternatively you can pay an upfront fee for one of our two higher grade packages (Referral Services, Premium Services) and take advantage of our enhanced services. This will increase your chances of finding investment by allowing you easier and faster access to interested investors and the use of the many premium services discussed on our rates page.

Canadian Investors

Canada > Alberta

Have owned and invested in several companies over a period of 35 years. Prefer operations that are large enough for middle management to be in place, and require oversight. Interested in taking companies public, and also to look at further expansions through LBO's.

$100,000 to $10,000,000

Canada > Quebec

Business background. Expertise in accounting (FCPA, FCGA) and consulting.

$10,000 to $1,000,000

Canada > Ontario

Private investor with a focus on providing support for growth as well as turnaround for ambitious small to mid-sized private businesses. 20y of business experience with small and large corporations. Background in business, and business analysis, data analysis, statistics and, operations.

$0 to $200,000

Canada > Quebec

Own a media advertising company and specialize in promoting products all across North America. Also have a lot of manufacturing contacts to help you bring your costs down.

$1,000 to $50,000

Canada > Ontario

I am a private investor who is currently involved in stocks, equity, mutuals, REIT's, and own 3 companies. Having graduated with an Honours degree in Media studies and a diploma in journalism, I have evolved into the exciting world of business and investment opportunities. One of my companies has been established for eight years and every year has set records for revenue and profit. Another company I have founded and financed with a partner in 2009 has set revenue records for the past 2 operational years. I look forward to hearing your proposal.

$1 to $30,000

Canada > Ontario

I'm an engineer and also a realtor. Currently, my husband and I are interested in joining a construction company that builds residential properties in the Toronto GTA area or around. I've done a number of custom home projects in Mississauga and Oakville. since the land is getting expensive.

$100,000 to $1,000,000

Canada > Ontario

I am 45 years old married with 2 kids, Masters in Computer Science and working in IT industry for last 20 Years. Individual investor, looking to invest in new technologies and ideas.

$10,000 to $80,000

Canada > New Brunswick

I have operated my own business for 20 years, and have recently sold a portion of my profitable business. I am currently looking to diversify my personal and business investments. Honesty and Integrity are my key elements I will be looking for to partner in a growing business

$5,000 to $10,000