BOAA - Blockchain powered video game


Multipurpose event venue catering specifically to PC and console gaming enthusiasts.


Silent Opportunity: $4.5MM for 20% of a Profitable Business Supporting Hydroponics


LETS ENERGIZE / Kosher / Prime +


Make money 24/7 worldwide with WWW.BOOST.CLOTHING


"Shoot" Group Picture and Video Sharing App


Saskatchewan Grain Farm purchase, 21,000 acres


Let's Make Money Together!


Strategic Expansion Investment Opportunity in NetZero Infrastructure Development Business


Let's scale up and cash out!


Convertible debenture 25% in four months




Cannabis Production Investment Opportunity


The Way We Hire is Horrible. WRKS fixes that, with your help.


Magnaboard Product Launch




FinTech in Calgary!


Muskoka Bay Resort Pre-construction Condo


The Intersection of Retail and Media


High Park Brewery ("HPB")


Evotrux - Connecting Shippers to Carriers


Asset Backed Financing for Generators - Convertible Option


Compostable Oral Care – zero-waste, gorgeous, made in Canada


Artificial Intelligence ( AI) SAAS solution


The Charity Report - a media opportunity in a vastly underreported sector


Financial Technology Firm with Exceptional Upside!


Food Security: The Next Generation of Sustainable Aquaculture


Real estate investing


Patent Pending Virtual Immersion Phone (VIP)


Breathe Activewear


SemFios Cordless Lighting


Agriculture & Food Security


Canadian Real Estate


6 unit Residential building


The Future of Food


Severance Day – Film Project


Mine Shaft Brewing Park City, UT


Ultimate sports platform for athletes


Dark Comedy Feature Film "Ice Cream Man" to Launch Production Company


Auto Financing



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Canadian Investors

Canada > Ontario

Business Grad. Executive manager with extensive sales, operations and management experience in manufacturing.

$5,000 to $500,000

Canada > Ontario

Married, located in Ontario. Chartered Accountant.. Over 15 years experience.

$10,000 to $150,000

Canada > Ontario

The principals represent more than 60 years of banking, investment and marketing experience. Our unique offering combines financing with marketing expertise to ensure every project we choose has a high rate of success - for the business enterprise as well as our investors. We conduct a thorough audit of a company seeking financing and then match investors who can bring added value to the company. Our principals have banking experience in Europe, the U.S. and Canada and a wealth of brand development and strategic marketing expertise.

$1,000,000 to $10,000,000

Canada > Alberta

32 Years old mechanical engineer working at a chemical processing plant in Joffre. Currently own two rental properties making healthy cash flow.

$0 to $60,000

Canada > Quebec

Over 50 years in business providing equity positions in expanding enterprises. We provide advise as a board member in areas of our interest and expertise as well as contacts in these areas. Our offices are located in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and Florida.

$500,000 to $2,000,000

Canada > Ontario

I am a 26 year old male living in Southwestern Ontario or Waterloo region. I work in construction and have investments in multiple residential real estate homes. I have some extra cash and was looking to diversify my investments and improve my cash flow position. I will act as an individual investor. My experience lies in construction and real estate.

$5,000 to $60,000

Canada > British Columbia

I have access to private investors and institutional lenders for North America. I will look at raising capital or take an equity position. I have experience in management to sales from start up to Fortune 500 companies. My team and I can help in many different areas. Very familiar with construction as well. I get results and usually get results where many other have failed.

$0 to $50,000,000

Canada > Ontario

I am a private investor who is currently involved in stocks, equity, mutuals, REIT's, and own 3 companies. Having graduated with an Honours degree in Media studies and a diploma in journalism, I have evolved into the exciting world of business and investment opportunities. One of my companies has been established for eight years and every year has set records for revenue and profit. Another company I have founded and financed with a partner in 2009 has set revenue records for the past 2 operational years. I look forward to hearing your proposal.

$1 to $30,000