Equity Investment Opportunity in Electronic Health Record and Telehealth Platform


Projects under way!Last Chance! Joint Venture with principal back in THREE MONTHS and ONGOING INCOME


15% ROI bi-annually return on $500K – Silent Investor – Expanding International Wireless Business –


DreamPlay - A live streaming platform for gamers. See deck, video, and website


Business Partner Wanted


Here's an opportunity for you and I.


SaaS platform to integrate Canadian housing financial


ROI of $3.8MM on $2MM in year 4. 22% average annual return.


Communication Corp.


Eden Earthworks


User-Driven Growth


Sustainable Product with Health Benefits and High ROI (46%)


Integrated Facility Operations & Supply model positioned for International expansion!


MHP Project Development - Vancouver Island


Affordable Container Homes


ProwLock Window Guard – KickStarter Investment


CAN/AM Carolina Sporting Camp, Boat/Hunt/Fish Nature Retreat


Equity investment in a unique healthy snack poised for exponential growth


Micro Cannabis Facility (Selling 49% Preference Shares)


Personal Robot: RoboButler


Automotive pre-approval software


Athlete Owned Sports LLC


Partner To Assist/Invest in Continued Growth


Award Pool - Blockchain based challenges for audience engagement & gamification


Tiny Home Builder - With orders to fulfill


LoveBud Essentials Online Store


Invest in Lindsay, Ontario Development Project


Purple Puffers


Newly Acquired business looking for short term operating loan. Up to 18% APR.


Medical-Clinic Rollup Equity Investment - Plans to exit via IPO or Strategic Buyer by 2027


Investors sought for Private Equity roll up strategies


Vegan Sustainable Milk


E-Commerce Growth


Growth equity


Rental Property Development


Bitcoin and the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry


Toddler carrier


1 unit in limited partnership. Buy low opportunity


Gold BBQ


Automated Truck Wash



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Canadian Investors

Canada > Ontario

I am financial consultant for the last 5 years. I have a very good relation with an investment group. We can arrange financing from $500,000 to no limit. Interested in golf courses, hospitality, housing, construction loans, infrastructure, energy, gold mining, etc.

$500,000 to $10,000,000

Canada > Ontario

A management consultant by background - have helped Fortune 500 companies in identifying and executing strategies for growth, process improvement.

$0 to $100,000

Canada > Ontario

My wife and I are working professionals who both enjoy our careers. We love the value and potential of small business, but realize we are not cut out to be entrepreneurs ourselves. We'd love to connect and invest in businesses with potential. I am an engineer (P.Eng) with an MBA and experience in automotive. She is an accountant (CPA-CA) with experience in both industry and municipal finance. We are individuals, not part of an investment group, and have experience with market investments, but not investing directly in small businesses. We're interested in small-to-medium investments, and anticipate a silent to advisory role, but not hands-on. We're looking to pair with passionate and motivated small business owners whom we can help with funding.

$1,000 to $50,000

Canada > Ontario

I graduated as an Electronic Technologist in London Ontario in 1971. I stared and was the owner /operator of a computer related company that I grew to $18M in sales over 8 years when I sold it. I have been directly involved in 10 other business ventures over the last 35 years. Complete background is available on request.

$10,000 to $150,000

Canada > Ontario

We are a investment club based out of Toronto ON Canada. Formed in January 2017. Have experience in stocks, bonds, gics, and real estate investments. Looking to invest in real estate projects and private lending. Would like to be silent partners in our investment ventures.

$0 to $80,000

Canada > Ontario

Have a solid network of like minded individuals willing to partner on larger investment startups or expansions. Looking for potential pre IPO stage business ventures or shares in active company.. Have recently been involved in 3 year long investment in the marijuana industry and have a group of people looking to diversify.

$50,000 to $500,000

Canada > Ontario

MBA in finance. Looking for good investment opportunities.

$5,000 to $200,000

Canada > Ontario

I have bootstrapped multiple online businesses to 6 figures in revenue within the first year, with a minimum of 50% growth year over year. I am very well versed in e-commerce and online marketing.

$0 to $1,000,000