A perfect track record, we earn you solid and secure return on opportunistic real estate investments


Launched Mobile app looking for investors


Well Established Agriculture Company looking for silent investor for acquisition funds


Luxury Online Leather Bags Seed Investment


T3 Endeavor Canada (British Columbia)


Loan Investment in Business


Looking for my Paul Allen


Kitty Door Knocker


Grand Medina Resort, Florida - 217 acre master planned development


Evotrux - The Fast, Easy Way to Book Freight & Trucks Online


Biomass Production Company Paying 15% Interest Annually


Advanced Solar Power Collector


Constructing and Operating the Biggest Mushroom Farm in Quebec


Invest in an up and coming Energy Beverage Company


Forward Thinking Investor / Partner To Grow Natural Food Business to $10+ million


Prospect Academy - Specialized Private Education


Consumer Packaged Goods - Hybrid Diapers – the first to reduce garbage.


Environmental clean up


Seeking funds to Buyout lone Investor


Affordable Housing


UPDATED **Canadian Made PPE Plant With 5 Year Government Contract


Passive Homes built at 50% of cost that sell for 20% more then any house. Done in 14 days on site


Virtual Reality Arcade Expansion


Share 10% of our sales profits on items you invest in plus minimum monthly payment


Self-Propelled Personal Flotation Device – US Patent 10,556,151


Real Business - $900,000/yr Sales


Home Care support Software solution


JUST THE BEST Delivery system for essential nutrients


Engine Oil Distribution


Travel Agency


Claystone Rental Property


Canada Esports Leader in Venues, Tournaments, and Content Creation.




Digital Asset Mining, Crypto Finance Start-Up, MVP Completed, 3 Year Profit Projections Ready


Audio Visual Solutions Company Opportunity


Osteoporosis Treatment


Stadium, bars, and restaurants application looking to raise funding for development and marketing


Hydrogen as a fuel source Technology - Time to Scale


Vancouver Real Estate and Healthcare


JV OPPORTUNITY - 16%, 4 Months, Monthly Dist., 20% SP



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Canadian Investors

Canada > Nova Scotia

I started in 1999 Renex Corporation. This became the second largest Internet site in the USA for finding and hiring a Contractor. I sold the business in 2006 for approximately 13 million

$10,000 to $1,000,000

Canada > Ontario

Own a tourism and hospitality business. Looking for new opportunities. Individual investor.

$10,000 to $150,000

Canada > Ontario

I'm a 40 year old, serial entrepreneur living in Toronto that understand the challenges of achieving goals from the early idea stages right up to the realization of concept and action stages. Graduate of Western University with a Major in Psychology, Minor in Business. I have successfully run my own Property Management and Development company for over 10 years and have been my own boss for that same period of time. I have direct experience in contracting, finance, restaurants and construction. Throughout the years, I have developed many strong and lasting relationships with several other investors, whom I am able to call on for larger investment, if the opportunity warrants and need be. I prefer to be hands-on but would be open to be a silent investor depending on the situation, case by case. Open to many industries, products and services. Please contact me if you believe in your project and would like to have a conversation to explore possibilities. Adam

$10,000 to $100,000

Canada > Ontario

43 year old male, married 13 years with 3 young daughters. I'm a software consultant for the pharmaceutical industry (exploring food and forensic toxicology as well). I have an M.Sc in Chemistry but not much investment experience. I'm most comfortable with Real Estate, but at this stage in my life, I am seeking greater cash flow for my growing family with growing expenses.

$1 to $50,000

Canada > Ontario

I'm the owner and Chief Strategy Officer of consulting firm, market research, advisory board and co-founder of multiple small businesses. Outside of being a serial entrepreneur, small business guru, mentor and connector extraordinaire, I'm passionate about helping people to create their life, not just live it. I'm specifically looking for someone that has a great product/service that they want to sell to their ideal target market. This individual needs to be open to strategic alliances, joint ventures and other situations that will elevate their business. On an aside, my network includes many c-level executives and decision makers that are looking for the right product/service to solve their problems.

$0 to $100,000

Canada > Ontario

Married with 3 children. Canadian but currently work overseas. Banker with post graduate degree. Experience in bond investment. Passed CSC course. Willing to invest in a business with solid idea.

$5,000 to $30,000

Canada > Alberta

Partner with a Group of Investors in Edmonton, AB.

$0 to $5,000,000

Canada > British Columbia

10+ years in cloud software development, consulting, and team leadership. Currently heading up a cloud-based consulting shop in Vancouver. Passionate about building businesses, but not much of an experienced investor. Involvement level depends on opportunity but prefer silent. Individual investor, 35 years old, married, holding a software engineering degree from UBC, and living in Vancouver.

$5,000 to $10,000