MVP iOS and Android Video Game. Gameplay available upon request.


Looking for investor(s) willing to invest money into purchasing another business


Double your Money 1 year!


New Home Developments


Creating liquidity in the lending market using Cryptocurrency-Backed Loans ™


Startup funding with equity position


Owner/Operators To Partner With USA Family Practice Doctor's Offices


SAFE agreement




Real estate Investment (25% Land Holding to get through Re-zoning)


BUILDING OUR TEAM in a high ROI real estate business franchise launch.


Preferred Fixed Returns on Real Estate Investment - Accredited Investors Only


Real Estate Supplier Services Acquisitions


National Telemedicine and Digital Healthcare Company


Bitcoin ATM Machines - Fully Insured - Low Downside Risk


Seeking $100,000 for 20% equity for inventory stocking


Capital Investment


Looking for Silent Partners. Annual Growth 12 to 15%.


Land Development Opportunities


Live GPS tracking of small aircraft


Manufacturing OEM machinery for the production of Heat Exchangers Automotive


Partnership - Big Box/ Mass Retail Installation Services Organization


Ingenuity Gift Baskets


Marketing 4 Books of Contemporary Adult Fiction


Pc and Virtual Reality Competition Gaming Center by E-sport Enthusiasts


Real Estate Investment (Adult Rental 4.5-5% CAP rate)


The Event Store


Eco-Energetic Equipment for the Residential Sector


Guaranteed Return 36% - 48% (Annually) - No Management or Performance Fees


Partner with a unique kind of Analytics Powered Marketing-as-a-Service Company


Real Estate Investment & Development


Real Estate Investment


Automatic adjustable wrench


Commercial Marijuana Production and Sales


Canadian Energy Company


Cryptographic Currency Algorithmic Transaction Verification


Seed capital needed for the development of a sustainable community


Natural Landscape Stone Yard


Real Estate Franchise Expansion into US Market



Canadian Investment Network

Canadian Investment Network Advantages

Here are some of the advantages of using our service:

  • No stressful presentations ("pitches") to large groups of intimidating investors.
  • We are focused on a nationwide group of Canadian investors unlike traditional Angel groups that tend to be very locally oriented.
  • We offer the choice of having access to foreign investors.
  • We accept a wide range of proposals in both dollar terms and industry groupings. Most Angel groups are only interested in higher value "tech/internet/health science" deals.
  • Can be largely accomplished from the comfort of your own home.
  • It is often less complicated dealing with individual investors as opposed to Angel groups.

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Canadian Investors

Canada > Ontario

invest in many diverse businesses from steel, commodities, to transportation and environmental companies and construction etc. we are hands on investors that see things through good AND bad times and have the resources to carry a company through good and bad time. Our investment is in people and not just companies. this is where the most due diligence is.

$1 to $500,000

Canada > Ontario

Real estate investor.

$10,000 to $400,000

Canada > Ontario

Business Investor. Business Entrepreneur. Started up my own company in Electrical Contracting.

$1,000 to $500,000

Canada > Ontario

28 yr/old Investor in Ontario, Canada. Currently an entrepreneur running my own supportive housing business for 3 years now. B.A.- Sociology , M.A.- Human Services. I invest real estate (primarily pre-construction). Status: Individual Investor.

$100 to $25,000

Canada > Ontario

We are a publicly listed investment company based in Toronto. We provide alternative financing to a diversified landscape of private and public businesses in North America. Servicing the gap between traditional debt and equity sources of capital, our approach is to deliver non-dilutive capital and positively impact the financial position of the businesses we engage.

$500,000 to $5,000,000

Canada > Alberta

I am 36, married, no kids. I work as a director with a reputed firm in Calgary. My background is in business and hospitality business. I am well versed with start-up's, struggling businesses, P&L management and operations of a typical business. I am in individual investor and looking to be an active or silent partner in a flourishing business.

$1 to $150,000

Canada > Alberta

Mechanical engineer with 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and mining. I own a consulting and inspection firm providing service in Canada in the energy sector. Master in project management and certified API 510/570/653/CWI inspector. I have a 3 rental properties with a total value of 1 million. Looking to invest hands on in Manufacturing, Automotive, Energy & Real Estate sectors. Individual investor.

$50,000 to $100,000

Canada > Alberta

I am busy business owner with mechanical engineering background. I am a individual investor and looking for good investment opportunity to be a silent partner.

$10,000 to $500,000