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Silent Opportunity: $4.5MM for 20% of a Profitable Business Supporting Hydroponics


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The Intersection of Retail and Media


High Park Brewery ("HPB")


Evotrux - Connecting Shippers to Carriers


Asset Backed Financing for Generators - Convertible Option


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Artificial Intelligence ( AI) SAAS solution


The Charity Report - a media opportunity in a vastly underreported sector


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Food Security: The Next Generation of Sustainable Aquaculture


Real estate investing


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Canadian Real Estate


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The Future of Food


Severance Day – Film Project


Mine Shaft Brewing Park City, UT


Ultimate sports platform for athletes


Dark Comedy Feature Film "Ice Cream Man" to Launch Production Company


Auto Financing



Canadian Investment Network

Business Plan Tips

What Investors Are Looking For In A Plan

Investors, whether angels or VC's, are looking for the same things when reading a business plan. They want to know how big the opportunity is, whether this is the right team to exploit the opportunity, who the competition is, what the risks are, and why they can expect this team to implement successfully. Your job in writing the business plan is to address these questions convincingly and clearly.

Emphasize Your Real Strengths

Highlight what your team brings to the table. If your business hinges on a particular competency (for example, understanding the procurement process), your plan will be more persuasive if one of your team members knows something about it and that is brought out in your plan. Rather than including generic resumes of team members, tailor the resumes to draw out the experience each member has that will make him or her a valuable contributor.

Get To The Point And Make It Clear And Comprehensive

Investors see many business plans. A 20-page plan which clearly lays out your business is far more likely to be read than a 100 page plan. Today, some entrepreneurs are using a 15 slide Powerpoint presentation. If your text is short and punchy, you won't need to repeat yourself, because the reader won't be bogged down keeping ten chapters in their head. Reading the same thing over and over, even if it's in different words, can get really tiring. The more you use brevity and give each concept a single home in your document, the more people will want to read it.

Write In Plain English

If you can't explain your idea in English, either you don't understand what you're talking about (What is a transaction enabled atomic journaling database server, anyway?) or you haven't simplified the idea enough. Think, revise, and try again.

Get Rid Of The Hype

Yes, we know you will be the "premier insert product category here of the Internet, achieving 99% market penetration with 60% customer retention in 3 months". Your product will reach "new heights in customer experience through the use of personalization and one-to-one profiling and customization". It will be "user friendly" because you will be creating a truly "ecstatic customer experience". It is a "quantum leap forward" in the marketplace for product category here. Um, yeah. Believe me, we've read it before. About a dozen times today, in fact. (And by the way, the phrase "quantum leap" really doesn't mean anything.) Stick to a tight, simple explanation of your idea. Convince your reader you'll be the best because your idea is the best, not because you can string a dozen buzzwords together.

Use Quantifiable Information

In each section, back up your assertions with solid facts. Even if you are a new venture and cannot give specific figures on the performance of your business, quote figures for the industry or your competitors. These real figures carry more weight than your assumed projections and give more reality to your plan.

Choose A Huge Market

Especially in the internet world, investors are looking more at the market than at the detailed specifics of your financials. Choose a market that is big enough to be an obvious good opportunity. A business which targets teenage girls who listen to music and has a reasonable chance of capturing 90% of the girls that are online is a huge opportunity. A business which targets net-savvy SAAB mechanics who need prosthetic limbs is not.

Canadian Investors

Canada > British Columbia

I'm 45 years old and I have moved to Canada 5 years ago. I have a huge experience in business turn arounds and restructuring. My background includes an accounting degree, finance and MBA post graduate. I'm willing to invest and play an advisory or adms roles.

$50,000 to $200,000

Canada > Ontario

38, male, married, 1 child. Law degree (Western - 2005); MBA (Schulich - 2018). 3 years in corporate / commercial law; 5 years in policy with government, including the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario; 3 years in compliance with major financial institution - currently the Director of Enterprise-wide Compliance for a big 5 bank. Individual investor. Looking for opportunities for hands-on or advisory involvement.

$10,000 to $125,000

Canada > Newmarket

Jason is the Managing Partner and co-founder of an investment and advisory firm that helps early stage technology companies to accelerate their business performance. Jason is currently an advisor and investor in several Canadian and international technology ventures. He serves on the Advisory Boards of Univeris Corporation and RedWolf Security and is a founding member of the Maple Leaf Angels investment group in Toronto. Jason was the Cofounder and Vice President, Sales & Marketing of Assurent Secure Technologies, a SaaS-based global leader in information security. Functioning in a COO capacity, Jason worked closely with the Chairman to drive the relaunch of Assurent from the former FSC Internet Corp. Jason led a 1200% increase in company sales and established a global business model with clients in 11 countries. Subsequently, he helped to lead and an M&A strategy that resulted in the successful sale of Assurent to Telus Corp.

$6,545 to $130,890

Canada > Ontario

I am married and live in Mississauga, Ontario with my family. I am a Business Consultant with years of experience in Business Management, Business Analysis & Consulting and Project Management both in the Banking industry and Public Sector. I am educated up to Postgraduate level in IT and Financial Management. My investment experience has being mostly in the Equity (Capital) Market. I am presently looking for new opportunities either in advisory capacity, silent or with hands-on participation.

$1,000 to $1,000,000

Canada > Quebec

Young investor looking for experienced entrepreneurs needing small amount to hit the ground running. I have vast experience working with high growth digital startups and established digital companies on top of consulting experience at leading firms. When contacting me, please be sure to be in a position to answer the following: -Broadly speaking, what is your venture? -Who are the principals of the company and what are their track records? -What do you estimate will be the after-tax returns for your investors? -What is the exit strategy? -Who are your advisors? -What do you expect to the costs of asset acquisition and disposition to be? -What is your customer acquisition strategy? -Are the principals current on their personal and business tax obligations? -Who is responsible for reporting taxes to the government? -What are the currency implications? (if any) -How are you complying with securities laws? -What kinds of regulatory issues exist?

$100 to $30,000

Canada > Ontario

Have bought and sold several businesses in the manufacturing and service sectors. Formerly a Chartered accountant. I am acting as a private investor and would prefer to take an active role in any business investment.

$100,000 to $500,000

Canada > Ontario

30 year old couple with a baby. Looking for special opportunities to invest in.

$10,000 to $600,000

Canada > Alberta

I'm a professional marketer and designer with experience in many environments including tourism, airline, software, business development and economic development.

$5,000 to $100,000