Bakery Opportunity


"Ethan" the Ethereum Trading Bot. 9X Gains Per Year


Pet treat manufacture selling to retailers seeking capital to increase manufacturing capacity.


You have found the perfect investment if..


Mobile Application for Planning Events


Own part of a Natural Gas station in Burnaby BC


Financing for Warrant purchasing of pre IPO USA Tech startup.


Profitable Adventure Park Operator Requires Capital To Add More Locations


Lake Muskoka Marina - investment with lots of growth potential!


Franchise Opportunity


Canadian Cannabis Microgrower


Magnaboard Product Launch


Commodity export-import trading company ( frozen meat, seafood, dairy )


Residential New Home Construction


Aumi Light


Cedars Taphouse & Grill


Multipurpose event venue catering specifically to PC and console gaming enthusiasts.


Apartment Development - High Cap rate


Automated Drive Thru Intelligent Assistant - via Artificial Intelligence


Restaurant Franchising Opportunity


Marina US, NC Yacht, Fish and Hunting Sports Center with year around activity


Cannabis Production Facility


BOAA - Blockchain powered video game


Silent Opportunity: $4.5MM for 20% of a Profitable Business Supporting Hydroponics




Make money 24/7 worldwide with WWW.BOOST.CLOTHING


"Shoot" Group Picture and Video Sharing App


Saskatchewan Grain Farm purchase, 21,000 acres


Let's Make Money Together!


Let's scale up and cash out!




Cannabis Production Investment Opportunity


The Way We Hire is Horrible. WRKS fixes that, with your help.




FinTech in Calgary!


Muskoka Bay Resort Pre-construction Condo


The Intersection of Retail and Media


High Park Brewery ("HPB")


Evotrux - Connecting Shippers to Carriers


Asset Backed Financing for Generators - Convertible Option



Canadian Investment Network

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Canadian Investors

Canada > Ontario

27 - Married - Ottawa, Ontario. CPA -Accountant. Investment experience in real estate and stocks. Accounting experience. Experienced with computers. Personable. Connections to other high net worth investors. Open to hands on investment (even jobs if applicable). Individual investor.

$1,000 to $500,000

Canada > Ontario

I have experience investing in Real Estate but I am currently looking to broaden my horizons.

$5,000 to $100,000

Canada > Northwest Territories

Own a company and want to invest in others.

$5,000 to $50,000

Canada > Quebec

I'm a serious investor who is looking to help Canadian companies to develop their growth to the next level and achieved success. I personally own two corporations, so I understand every step in the business.

$1,000 to $500,000

Canada > Alberta

34 year old with 10 plus years experience in residential and commercial development. Currently gaining experience in the oil and gas industry.

$10,000 to $50,000

Canada > Alberta

I am a successful entrepreneur who has started three separate businesses in the last thirteen years, Before that, I was an auto mechanic. I have retired at 52 as a result of being an entrepreneur and would like to invest in others with good ideas but lacking funds as I was thirteen years ago. Not all ideas are good ideas but everything is worth looking at.

$1,000 to $20,000

Canada > Quebec

I am a private investor with an engineering background and 24 years experience in the fire protection and risk management industry, the last seven as a senior manager.This is my first foray into angel investing. I have been managing my portfolio of investments for more than 15 years and have generally beaten benchmarks and indices. I can tolerate a fair amout of risk in an investments provided the fundamentals are sound. I am not a speculator. I usually invest for the long term (5 years+).

$0 to $100,000

Canada > British Columbia

I am a semi-retired physio, clinical mentor and member of the University of Victoria's Health Science Advisor Committee. Am also an investor in commercial real estate, a health care clinic, an organic meat shop and a medical marijuana enterprise. In the past I've turned physiotherapy clinics around with marketing and relationship building, and have started two enterprises, both of which still exist today. I've chalked up a business failure as well, bringing a sport product from concept to market, an experience that taught me a lot. I love business and innovation, and businesses with a strong ethic. I'm interested in investing in an enterprise where I might bring some modicum of benefit to the table other than simply a financial one. Although I have done a fair bit of marketing work over the years, my strength lays in relationship development. I enjoy the start-up phase of a new enterprise and helping to set up systems and relationships that set a foundation for success.

$20,000 to $200,000