MVP iOS and Android Video Game. Gameplay available upon request.


Looking for investor(s) willing to invest money into purchasing another business


Double your Money 1 year!


New Home Developments


Creating liquidity in the lending market using Cryptocurrency-Backed Loans ™


Startup funding with equity position


Owner/Operators To Partner With USA Family Practice Doctor's Offices


SAFE agreement




Real estate Investment (25% Land Holding to get through Re-zoning)


BUILDING OUR TEAM in a high ROI real estate business franchise launch.


Preferred Fixed Returns on Real Estate Investment - Accredited Investors Only


Real Estate Supplier Services Acquisitions


National Telemedicine and Digital Healthcare Company


Bitcoin ATM Machines - Fully Insured - Low Downside Risk


Seeking $100,000 for 20% equity for inventory stocking


Capital Investment


Looking for Silent Partners. Annual Growth 12 to 15%.


Land Development Opportunities


Live GPS tracking of small aircraft


Manufacturing OEM machinery for the production of Heat Exchangers Automotive


Partnership - Big Box/ Mass Retail Installation Services Organization


Ingenuity Gift Baskets


Marketing 4 Books of Contemporary Adult Fiction


Pc and Virtual Reality Competition Gaming Center by E-sport Enthusiasts


Real Estate Investment (Adult Rental 4.5-5% CAP rate)


The Event Store


Eco-Energetic Equipment for the Residential Sector


Guaranteed Return 36% - 48% (Annually) - No Management or Performance Fees


Partner with a unique kind of Analytics Powered Marketing-as-a-Service Company


Real Estate Investment & Development


Real Estate Investment


Automatic adjustable wrench


Commercial Marijuana Production and Sales


Canadian Energy Company


Cryptographic Currency Algorithmic Transaction Verification


Seed capital needed for the development of a sustainable community


Natural Landscape Stone Yard


Real Estate Franchise Expansion into US Market



Canadian Investment Network

Our Refund Policy

In the case that a proposed entrepreneur/investor contact does not take place at all, Dealflow Solutions Ltd. (parent company of Canadian Investment Network) will provide a 100% refund to entrepreneurs after the proposal listing period expires.

All refunds require that a letter be sent (via email or posted) explaining the reason for the request. We reserve the right to authenticate all claims.

Please note - The Canadian Investment Network is solely a matching service and can offer no guarantee to any entrepreneur that a contacting investor will invest in their business. In an effort to maximize credibility, each investor has completed an eligibility process stating that they are a qualified investor among other things. Although these guidelines are in effect and we do everything possible to enable successful contacts, it is beyond the control of Canadian Investment Network what happens once an actual entrepreneur/investor match is made.We caution both parties to have patience and proceed cautiously.

Canadian Investors

Canada > Ontario

I'm an established finance professional who is interested in building wealth. I'm a real estate investor and work full time in wealth management industry. My business ventures have been through business partnerships within real estate.

$10,000 to $80,000

Canada > Ontario

31 year old, single, currently in Ontario but willing to relocate. Professional experience with advertising and manufacturing. Educational background in marketing and financial accounting.

$500,000 to $1,500,000

Canada > Quebec

Tax Accounting and Finance professional. Masters degree. Invested in Web Start Up and Telecom Start Up.

$25,000 to $100,000

Canada > Ontario

Early start up investor. Invested in many successfull companies in the California area. Internet and chip design companies.

$10,000 to $100,000

Canada > Alberta

I am interested in both seeking funds for my company as well as looking to invest in others. I am well versed in many fields, which provides the experience required to help others. I am also very open to new ideas.

$1 to $10,000

Canada > Ontario

A business owner of a financial planning company and insurance broker in Ontario. Masters degree in Finance. Individual and possible broker investment.

$0 to $20,000

Canada > Ontario

Graduate of a B.S. in Entrepreneurial Management. Currently searching for ONE investment on behalf of an Angel. The Angel is an expert in negotiation and real estate development.

$1,000 to $500,000

Canada > Ontario

I am from Vaughan (Toronto) Ontario, experience in education profession, HVAC company, post graduate in Science & Technology, invested in real estate, looking for opportunities to explore more opportunities.

$100,000 to $1,000,000