Amuka Esports & Gaming, A Vertically Integrated Esports Company, Projected Listing on CSE – Q4 2020.


Be part of the Green movement and enjoy longterm residual income!


UpAir aircraft search engine


Boost Design® Planned, Designed, and Fully Customized Streetwear *WWW.BOOST.CLOTHING* 70-75% margins


Animall Riders


Secured Loan - 8% - 25+ year established business


Equity Fund V | Newman Capital Investments - Real Estate


Seed stage phase one of scaling


Grow a Saskatchewan Tourism based business.


Opening 4 new stations shortly, own part of own of them! Great residual returns!


Flagged Hotel Investment - $500k


Wanted active and/or passive investors


Invest in the Future. Security Token Offering Platform using Blockchain.




Film studio expansion


Canadian Real Estate Venture


Late Stage Applicant Cannabis Cultivation and Processing, British Columbia


Affordable Shipping Container Homes


Passive Homes built at 50% of cost that sell for 20% more then any house. Done in 14 days on site


Real Estate - 26 Unit Development in a high demand market


Large grain farm in Montana - 35,000 acres


Innovative Amazon (AWS) Cloud Office Furniture Catalogs for Architects & Interior Designers


Bison Zero to a Milllion


Seeking Loan - (Security - GSA on all Company’s assets)


Buying small cap businesses (2-15m) rollup


Auxilia Seed Funding


Tire investment opportunity partnership


New Mobile App for Planning Events


Secured Bond against assets and trade receivables


Manufacturing Investment Opportunity


100k for 25% of company


Residential Development


Retired horses for veterans and first responders with PTSD


Real Estate - Quick Return


AHI Opportunities Fund - Agritech Real Estate


Equity Ownership with Design Build Company


Money Service Business Investment Opportunity


Seeking Canadian Partnership for US ICW NC Hunt/fish retreat with seafood distribution


Private Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Natural Gas


Shares for sale in a Goldmine Development in Arizona



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Canadian Investors

Canada > Ontario

Horticultural specialist with real estate aspiration.

$25,000 to $200,000

Canada > Alberta

Late 40's, married. Journeyman power lineman, self employed. Worked oil field for 20yrs before this. Started own company a year ago, now looking to invest though my company. Oh its a small company as I am the only employee, boss will not give me a raise, need to look at other options:) As far a being involved, would depend on the venture I guess.

$5,000 to $75,000

Canada > Ontario

Mid 30's, Married in the Ottawa area. HR and Business Analysis background. Currently pursuing a CFP designation. Looking to branch out to private equity and ownership. Motivated; IT experience; Various contacts. Silent or advisory involvement. Individual investor.

$0 to $10,000

Canada > Manitoba

Have 22 years experience as an entrepreneur and experience of managing a global business.

$1,000 to $200,000

Canada > Quebec

I'm a 30 years old engineer working in a robotics laboratory in Montreal, Quebec. I also teach several courses at two Montreal Universities. Those courses includes 1) Robotics, 2) Operating Systems and Systems Programming, 3) Electrical Circuit Analysis and 4) Programmable Logic Controllers. I also own a startup in product development that just started in 2015. I have a technical degree in electrical engineering, a Bachelor in automation engineering and a Master of Applied Sciences in Electrical Engineering. I'm currently starting a Ph.D in robotics. As an individual investor, I'm new to startup investments, but I'm sure I can detect companies that are worth investing in, as long as they are related to my field.

$1 to $15,000

Canada > Saskatchewan

50 year old executive currently employed in the mining industry looking to invest in good long term businesses

$1,000 to $100,000

Canada > Alberta

I am a vetran investor that has made and lost money. I am always looking for new ideas or investments in most industries. I would be interested in maybe something hands on if the opportunity came along.

$500,000 to $5,000,000

Canada > Ontario

Young professional who has made some money overseas and looking to come back to Canada and retire. Looking for solid investments that may provide monthly supplemental income during retirement.

$10,000 to $100,000