FinTech in Calgary, would you like to be part of the next Wealthsimple in Canada?


Muskoka Bay Resort Pre-construction Condo


The Intersection of Retail and Media


High Park Brewery ("HPB")


Evotrux - Connecting Shippers to Carriers


Asset Backed Financing for Generators - Convertible Option


Compostable Oral Care – zero-waste, gorgeous, made in Canada


Artificial Intelligence ( AI) SAAS solution


Long Life Living, Age In Place Condo Project - Looking for Funding Partner


The Charity Report - a media opportunity in a vastly underreported sector


Financial Technology Firm with Exceptional Upside!


Food Security: The Next Generation of Sustainable Aquaculture


Real estate investing


Patent Pending Virtual Immersion Phone (VIP)


Breathe Activewear


SemFios Cordless Lighting


Agriculture & Food Security


Canadian Real Estate


6 unit Residential building


Certified Organic / Kosher / Prime +


The Future of Food


Severance Day – Film Project


Mine Shaft Brewing Park City, UT


Ultimate sports platform for athletes


Dark Comedy Feature Film "Ice Cream Man" to Launch Production Company


Pc and Virtual Reality Competition Gaming Center by E-sport Enthusiasts. Urgent Call!


Auto Financing


Real Estate


Solid Investment in TownHomes - Edmonton


Value-Play Real Estate Opportunity


Nise Tech - Cooking Automation - Seed Round ($1500k) - Scaling Sales, Marketing, and Working Capital


Heavy Equipment Rentals


US NC River Waterfront Hospitality, Marina Dock Condo, Floating Boatel


Trading Oil Products -with Eliminated Risk-20% ROI in 60 days


Construction Academy


The future of LED street lighting


New Aquatic Sports Parks opening summer 2018


Hotel Purchase Financing


Franchised Legal Cannabis Retailer



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Canadian Investors

Canada > Manitoba

I'm in the concrete industry right now and I would like to start looking into where I could invest some money in the near future. I'm married and 26 years old and run my own concrete business. I'm not picky as to where I want to invest in, I just want my money to make me and the business I invest in to make money. I would like to be a silent partner.

$20,000 to $500,000

Canada > Quebec

Over 20 years with a successful track record in Construction Estimating,

$0 to $1,000

Canada > Saskatchewan

I am a dentist with strong business acumen looking to invest in promising companies that are already making a profit. I would prefer to take on an advisory role, however I will consider other opportunities for the right management team.

$5,000 to $250,000

Canada > Alberta

Well I've always wanted to watch my money grow but I don't want to do it by watching charts rise and fall or by handing my money over to a broker. I want a personal experience with people with ambition. I want to know your ideas intimately and feel your excitement about your investment opportunity. I currently work in the oil industry and I am new to investing. I understand that might be undesirable to some but I assure you that I will match your drive and offer experience where I can. I do not have any academic background. I am an electrician and can offer expertise regarding any electrical related questions. I'm not limited to any one type of idea. I am open to hearing what ever it is that you've got planned and seeking anything I find interesting. I'm a team player and very excited to hear from people with mutually beneficial opportunities. I am willing to be what ever it is you need me to be. Whether that is hands-on, advisory or silent...

$0 to $50,000

Canada > Ontario

Private investor with interests in greentech and real estate.

$10,000 to $20,000

Canada > Quebec

Willing to invest in a going concern or a new venture.

$1,000 to $50,000

Canada > Alberta

I am a 43 year old individual investor, married with two kids. We live in Calgary, AB. I have over 15 years of experience in advertising and marketing. and 5 years in printing, signage, shop fit-outs, events, and branding. I do have my own production house (event and branding production). I have invested in an advertising agency and home cleaning services. I am the founder and CEO of production company and all my investment are successful and still up and running.

$10,000 to $300,000

Canada > British Columbia

Finance large and small scale opportunities. Connections with private and public funds, specifically in the US but have contacts worldwide.

$50,000 to $2,000,000