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The pandemic, and increased competition, has chipped away at the volume of business this site has done over the last couple of years. The recent omicron wave caused another drop off in business which has lead me to the decision to refocus my efforts in Canada. On Feb 4th, 2022 I stopped registering new entrepreneurs and investors on this site. Since then I have been offering refunds to entrepreneurs who paid one of our fees and still had time remaining for their proposal to list. I have not contacted entrepreneurs regarding proposals that were due to expire soon and if you wish to discuss a refund please contact me.

I regret not being able to continue providing this service but it is time to pivot towards other opportunities. One opportunity I am looking into is providing a software and hosting solution to Canadians wanting to start and manage a private investment platform for their province or local region. If that is of interest to you, you can contact me to discuss how I might be able to assist you in your efforts.

Paul Meagher
Canadian Investment Network
Connecting Canadian Entrepreneurs and Investors

Feb 17, 2022